Water is Precious—Part II 

From the Desk of Tony Falco

In last months’ article we covered the recent drought and how water is precious and ways to conserve water around your own home. Since April the weather has been changing; there has been frequent rain storms, volcano eruption, earthquakes locally and around the world, and tropical storms and yet, we are still in a drought. Governor Browns’ bill is already in full effect. Have you been to a hotel recently in the last month? Did you notice the sign on the bathroom counter from the hotel in regards to guests reusing bath towels? Or how about restaurants (mostly higher end restaurants) in the middle of the tables are courteous signs that state along the lines, in efforts to conserve water, refills of water will only be upon request.

How have you been helping conserve water? Have you replaced any leaking faucets, toilets, sprinklers, or even hose-bibs (spigots)? A water leak at a hose-bib (water spigot) is very common. This leak most likely occurs when the hose is in use, when water is turned on water will leak out of the handle or drip from the compression nut/fitting. There may even be a slow drip when the water is turned off. What may look to be a small leak is still wasting water.

Picking up where we left off, buying new faucets and toilets can be overwhelming, which brand is the best who has the best deal? Here at A.L.L. our number one recommended manufacture for water faucets, shower heads, valves, etc. is Moen. Moen is made and manufactured in the USA, they back their products 100% and provide a life time warranty (not just guarantee). Their customer service line is easy to get ahold of and staff is very knowledgeable. The price range is for the most part reasonable, from standard faucets all the way to high end and even commercial. The latest Moen product line is Motion Sense (Hands Free Faucet Innovation). You can find Moen Products at your local Home Depot, Lowes, and Appliance Stores i.e. Pacific Sales, or even buy direct from Moen.

The next manufacturer that we suggest is Kohler. Kohler offers a wide variety of appliances, residential and commercial ranging from, sinks, faucets toilets, shower fixtures and more. Within the last couple years Kohler has decided to back their products and offer a life time warranty as well. The price range of Kohler is very close to Moen’s prices. You can find Kohler products at Home Depot, Lowes, Pacific Sales or Appliance Stores and also purchase Direct through Kohler.

Other brands that we would recommend when purchasing new faucets and/or tub/shower fixtures include, Delta, Pfister, or American Standard. All can be found at your local hardware or appliance store. When purchasing any of these items ensure that the Water Sense label is present. Touching briefly on Toilet manufactures there are just a few who we recommend: Gerber, Kohler and American Standard. When purchasing a new toilet make sure to purchase a toilet with no less than 1.28 gpf (Gallons per flush).

If you would like assistance installing a faucet or toilet please call us to schedule an appointment. If you mention this article we will waive the service call fee at the time of installation, which is a 25% discount.

Here’s a Quick Tip: With all of the recent weather changes and earthquakes make sure that your water heater is properly secured with earthquake strapping.


Tony Falco, CR