Water Heater Maintenance – Anode Rods

Have you ever wondered what the life expectancy of your water heater is? Or how often it should be replaced? Well depending on the manufacturer and the water in your area your water heater should last about 7-10 years.

Anode_Rod_LifeA water heater is meant to heat up the water in the home and distribute to all fixtures in the home. Over time the water in the tank becomes corrosive and causes build-up in the tank and looks like sand/dirt. All of this debris sticks to a magnetic/metal rod called the Anode Rod. This is used to protect our water heaters from corrosion.

Over time the corrosion can cause the anode rod to become deteriorated and the water heater life expectancy becomes shortened. Replacing the anode rod will increase the life expectancy of the water heater. This will save your wallet and home from water damage in the long run.

Every 1-3 years you should have the anode rod on the water heater unit inspected, and replaced (if needed). Certain water in areas can shorten the life expectancy of a water heater due to the chemicals in the water. Some of these areas include Ladera Ranch, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita. Inspecting the anode rod/ replacing them yearly will increase the life expectancy of your water heater. Also, if you have a water filtration system in your home you should also have the anode rod inspected once a year.

To find out how to change out an anode rod or how to inspect it, contact your water heater manufacturer or call Accurate Leak Locators. If you are wondering how to prevent corrosives/chlorine in your water with out using a filtration system that uses salt, Accurate Leak Locators offers a full house filtration system that is beneficial to you, your water heater and your water supply lines. Our next articles will touch on this system and how salt water filtration systems are not good and can cause more damage than good.

Thank you, Sincerely

Tony Falco